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ORNL Shipping and Receiving Building

Monday, February 8, 2016

CSA is proud to have been a part of the new shipping and receiving building at Oak Ridge National Laboratories.  The New building replaces building 7018 which was 58 years old and was demolished due to: poor energy performance, asbestos contamination, and inefficient functionality. Building 7120 is pending LEED Gold certification. The building was constructed utilizing a custom pre-engineered metal building for the distributing area and a custom conventional structure for the office building areas.  This concept was utilized to allow HVAC equipment to be placed behind high parapet walls on top of the conventional structure to service both the distributing areas and the office space.

The project recently won a USGBC – TN Green Light Award  at the 2015 Green Light Awards Gala._DDP5552 _DDP5561 _DDP5564 _DDP5571 _DDP5423